I’ll be sitting out all of next week and possibly for days or even weeks afterward, due to what promises to be the least fun move ever (do they ever get any easier?). Hopefully, as August winds down, I’ll be able to pop in every so often to play a bit of catch-up, but don’t hold your breath. The rest of the month could be … Continue reading Dislocation

Wolcott Teaser

An early review in Publisher’s Weekly of James Wolcott’s Lucking Out: My Life Getting Down and Semi-Dirty in Seventies New York: Wolcott… arrived as a college dropout in 1972 and scored a writing gig at the Village Voice — a snake-pit of feuds and nude editing — that inducted him into the city’s hippest scenes. Chief among these was the punk-rock incubator at the bar … Continue reading Wolcott Teaser