More links to Nelson/Avery

  • Dulani Wallace interviews Kevin Avery at the Vinyl District: “He would only really enjoy writing about things that meant something to him personally, so there are few clues about his own life in many of his pieces. So that became the idea—the first half of the book is the biography, the second half of the book is Paul’s writing. It’s kind of like Paul telling his own story.”
  • Review at The Stash Dauber: “Part of why I find Nelson’s story so disturbingly resonant, I have to admit, is that I see something of myself in him (although he accomplished significantly more and operated on a more highly exalted plain than your humble chronicler o’ events), and something of my father (who spent the last 30 years of his life working on an academic paper that was never completed, let alone published). “


[Photo of Paul Nelson by Lawrence White]

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