Faking It (Podcast Interview)

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January 30, 2013 by admin

There’s no rhyme or reason, really, to what I’m posting here these days (was there ever?), so forgive me if it seems odd to post a six-year-old podcast I’ve yet to listen to regarding a book I’ve only started reading (and am all of 15 pages into), but… I do intend to follow through on both of these. It’s an interview with Yuval Taylor, co-author (with Hugh Barker) of Faking It: The Quest For Authenticity In Popular Music. The interviewer is Jesse Thorn at “The Sound of Young America.” (I can’t not note this unfortunate description on the site, however: “We discuss [and hear music from] artists including Leadbelly, Nirvana, Neil Young, Woodie Guthrie, the Rolling Stones, Jimmie Rodgers, Donna Summer, Billy Joel and even Jennifer Lopez.” Even Jennifer Lopez? Oh, the horror!)

Faking It


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