Bourdain and Bangs


April 26, 2013 by admin

Not terribly surprising when you think about it, but Anthony Bourdain digs Lester Bangs. Cool.



One thought on “Bourdain and Bangs

  1. Richard Riegel says:

    Some years back, when I was involved in Robert Matheu’s attempt to re-launch CREEM, Robert told me in one of our phone conversations that he’d discovered that Anthony Bourdain was a fan of CREEM. Of course, I had no idea then who Anthony Bourdain was, so after I got off the phone, it was time for Google. Glad to see Anthony endorsing Lester in the excerpt above.

    Another non-rockwrite celeb who was influenced by CREEM in his youth is the journalist Chris Lehmann. I found this out per a pseudonymous pro-CREEM piece he’d published on Wonkette back in 2003, and after we established real-names email contact, he told me how intently he’d followed CREEM when he was a teen. Then he gave me a couple of prime freelance opportunities on the publications he was editing then. I certainly appreciated those, while Chris’s ongoing irrevent tone and leftist politics in his own writings have made me proud that CREEM might have had something to do with that.

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