Bourdain and Bangs

Not terribly surprising when you think about it, but Anthony Bourdain digs Lester Bangs. Cool.



One thought on “Bourdain and Bangs

  1. Some years back, when I was involved in Robert Matheu’s attempt to re-launch CREEM, Robert told me in one of our phone conversations that he’d discovered that Anthony Bourdain was a fan of CREEM. Of course, I had no idea then who Anthony Bourdain was, so after I got off the phone, it was time for Google. Glad to see Anthony endorsing Lester in the excerpt above.

    Another non-rockwrite celeb who was influenced by CREEM in his youth is the journalist Chris Lehmann. I found this out per a pseudonymous pro-CREEM piece he’d published on Wonkette back in 2003, and after we established real-names email contact, he told me how intently he’d followed CREEM when he was a teen. Then he gave me a couple of prime freelance opportunities on the publications he was editing then. I certainly appreciated those, while Chris’s ongoing irrevent tone and leftist politics in his own writings have made me proud that CREEM might have had something to do with that.

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