The ‘unobtanium age’

“We don’t live in the golden age of television. We don’t even live in the platinum age of television. Apparently we live in the unobtanium age of television.

“Enough. This has become a joke. Theodore Sturgeon said 90 percent of everything is crap. He was being generous. Even so, this means that maybe 2 or 3 percent of everything is truly outstanding. If you think 60 TV shows out of 400 are must watch—and it was hard to narrow it down to that number from 175—you’re just not being critical enough.”

Kevin Drum in Mother Jones, Dec. 21

One thought on “The ‘unobtanium age’

  1. I believe the lack of imagination is why TV is faltering.The times have certainly changed.Alot of it has to do with Society.the way we behave in carrying out every day situations and the way programs are delivered to hamper our mind’s (Brain Washing). I also blame video games,the way a individual can sit there for hour’s on end playing some sort of a violent game for endless hrs. has to have an effect on the mind.It’s truly a funnel leading us into that Black Hole.

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