Top 50 Favourite Songs: Scott Woods

No Velvets, Bee Gees, or the Rolling Stones… The Beatles are here, though (I’ve tended to undervalue them on previous lists, curiously enough), an 11th hour add, replacing either Wussy or ZZ Top or Eno or…hard to keep track anymore.

So, my 50 favourite songs as at 10/6/21. I didn’t fret about the songs/singles distinction while compiling the list, but there are more of the latter than anticipated. While in theory I honour the concept and the impact of a hit single, my current musical life (actual interaction with an outside world) is isolated enough that I can live with the feels-like-a-hit-to-me definition.

Spotify Playlist (missing #41, an instance where listing the correct version really does make a difference.)

Top 10
1. “Roam,” B-52’s (1989)
2. “Boys on the Radio,” Hole (1998)
3. “Save it for Later,” English Beat (1982)
4. “Voodoo Child (Slight Return),” Jimi Hendrix (1969)
5. “Mandinka,” Sinead O’Connor (1987)
6. “Stay ft. Mikky Ekko,” Rihanna (2013)
7. “Left to My Own Devices,” Pet Shop Boys (1988/Trevor Horn mix)
8. “Impatience,” Fastbacks (1992)

9. “House of the Rising Sun,” Animals (1964)
10. “These Foolish Things,” Bryan Ferry (1973)

The rest (numbered but not ordered)
11. “Venice Bitch,” Lana Del Rey (2019)
12. “Kunta Kinte Dub,” the Revolutionaries (1976)
13. “Trash,” New York Dolls (1973)
14. “Apeshit,” the Carters (2018)
15. “Station to Station,” David Bowie (1976)
16. “Don’t You Just Know it,” Huey ‘Piano’ Smith (1958)
17. “Work It,” Missy Elliott (2002)
18. “Raised on Robbery,” Joni Mitchell (1974)
19. “Summertime, Summertime,” the Jamies (1958)
20. “Paper Planes,” M.I.A. (2007)
21. “Saint Dominic’s Preview,” Van Morrison (1972)
22. “Everybody is a Star,” Sly & the Family Stone (1969)
23. “Love of Minds,” the Odds (1993)
24. “Rain,” the Beatles (1966)
25. “Big White Cloud,” John Cale (1970)
26. “Turn on Some Music,” Marvin Gaye (1982)
27. “Sally Go Round the Roses,” Jaynetts (1962)
28. “Over and Over,” Madonna (1987)
29. “I’m the Man,” Joe Jackson (1979)
30. “Nothin’ At All,” Heart (1986)

31. “It’s Not Funny Anymore,” Husker Du (1983)
32. “Love Vigilantes,” New Order (1985)
33. “Don’t Leave Me This Way,” Thelma Houston (1976)
34. “Love Me in a Special Way,” Debarge (1983)
35. “You’re So Great,” Blur (1997)
36. “Rapper’s Delight,” Sugarhill Gang (1979)
37. “The Closer You Are,” the Channels (1956)
38. “The Have Nots,” X (1982)
39. “I Feel Love,” Donna Summer (1977)
40. “Million $ Man,” Imperial Teen (1998)
41. “Wuthering Heights,” Kate Bush (1986/The Whole Story version)
42. “The Drugs Don’t Work,” the Verve (1997)
43. “Don’t Blame Your Daughter (Diamonds),” Cardigans (2005)
44. “New Radio,” Bikini Kill (1993)
45. “Almost Crimes,” Broken Social Scene (2002)

46. “My Place,” Tweet (2002)
47. “Tell Me Why,” the Belmonts (1961)
48. “Mass Romantic,” New Pornographers (2000)
49. “Radio 4,” Public Image Ltd. (1980)
50. “Final Day,” Young Marble Giants (1980)


One thought on “Top 50 Favourite Songs: Scott Woods

  1. These lists are good for new discoveries and great songs you’ve forgotten. Give me time for the former but in the latter category: “Roam,” “Million $ Man,” “Love Me in a Special Way,” and “Mass Romantic.” Love ’em.

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