Favourite Music Reads of the ’00s: #25 (Bass!)


Stylus Magazine’s Top 50 Basslines of All-Time (2005)

There’s some so-so writing in this, and some highly questionable choices (particularly in light of some of the classic basslines overlooked), but the great stuff makes up for the lesser bits — surely anyone who approaches any list anywhere expecting “definitive” is in for a disappointment — and the concept alone is precisely what made Stylus the most essential online music ‘zine of the ’00s (sorry Pitchfork — you’re great at what you do but “what you do” has never meant a whole lot to me).  In other words, there are probably a dozen other Stylus lists I could point to as well (and in fact, I may yet direct you to one or two others), but for some reason, this particular one just stuck with me.

cf. this ILM thread: Top 281 Basslines Shamefully Omitted in Stylus List

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