Race and Jazz Criticism

A Conversation with John Gennari. By Greg Thomas at All About Jazz.

Haven’t read all of this yet, but I’m anxious to dive in. Even if you’re just a casual fan of jazz or jazz criticism, I can’t recommend strongly enough Gennari’s excellent book, Blowin’ Hot and Cool: Jazz and Its Critics, the sort of book you wish every critical sub-genre had at least one of (I know of only one such overriding attempt to tell the story of rock criticism, though I’m sure there are others).

See here for some previous thoughts on Gennari’s tome.

2 thoughts on “Race and Jazz Criticism

  1. This is a really great interview. I look forward to readfing the rest of it.
    It makes me think about the first jazz critic I read.
    It was probably Bill Milkowski writing in Guitar Player and or Guitar World and other musical instrument mags in the 80s.
    Probably guys like Peter Watrous and Joesf Woodward in Musician in the 80s as well.
    I’m sure I must have also read Milkowski and Woodward in Downbeat too. It was the only music mag in my high school library.

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