Remembering John Kordosh of Creem

Sadly, the first new post here in a long time is to acknowledge the death of former Creem editor (and one of the magazine’s second-wave stalwarts) John Kordosh. Iman Labedi writes:

“This is a ridiculously sad story to have to write, but my friend and Creem editor John Kordosh passed away suddenly last night, and everyone in my immediate writing circle is devastated by the loss of one of the greats. A father of two sons, one of whom got married last year in New York City, he started his career as a chemist in the 70s, started writing for Creem in 1980, made the move to LA before returning to his first love, Chemistry. Since then he had freelanced at Yahoo Music, till his shocking death yesterday.”

Thanks to Anthe Rhodes who conducted a fantastic interview with Kordosh on this site, and captured a great deal of his story, back in 2004.

And if you’re on Facebook (and possibly even if you’re not), there are some great personal reminiscences on this John R. Kordosh page that was set up following his passing (and with plenty of wonderful pics as well).



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