Lester on Ringo & George (Hi-Fi Stereo Review)

The above appeared in the June 1975 issue of Stereo Review (formerly Hi-Fi Stereo Review), now archived here. The letters are in reference to a Bangs twin review, from March ’75 (one I’ve never seen before) of Harrison’s Dark Horse and Ringo’s Goodnight Vienna (a “metal-flake glow-in-the-dark music box”).

More links to HFSR stuff ahead.


3 thoughts on “Lester on Ringo & George (Hi-Fi Stereo Review)

  1. Thanks, Steve. Came across a piece by yourself, in fact, about rock critics and/or rock criticism. (I’ve bookmarked but not yet read it, and will likely link to it here.)

    Edited Lester–I imagine there are a few stories there.

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